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FOA of the Carolinas Chapter

Ford Owners Association

This association is formed by FORD enthusiasts who want to bring together all FORD owners who are dedicated to the restoration, preservation, modification, fun and enjoyment of all vehicles built by FORD Motor Company, from the earliest years to currant year models. FORD cars, trucks, tractors, Lincoln, Mercury, etc., all under one organization.      

     We welcome ALL FORDS! This is for the love and enjoyment of this great American product. What is better than owning a FORD? This is a family-oriented association for owners of all ages         

Our Goals are:

1) To unite individuals with diverse interest, with the common goal of enjoying their FORD vehicles under one association.

2) To serve as common interest point of unity for members of all special interest clubs featuring FORD vehicles .

3) To provide a website with areas designated for both public and membership access to share stories, pictures and questions.

4) To sponsor a yearly event that will be held the same time and same place each year.

5) To provide opportunities for members to come together to enjoy these vehicles, while developing new friendship, and to concentrate on the goals of having fun and getting to know other people who enjoy their FORDS.

6) To encourage people to bring their vehicle(s) to our event.